The Story Behind The Spreads


Welcome to Finnegan’s Spread ‘Em.

My name is Tye Finnegan, and I am the jam enthusiast and owner of Finnegan’s Spread ‘Em.

I am excited to finally be able to share what I have been working tirelessly to make happen.
For the better part of the last 7 and a half months I have been tearing apart pillows and traipsing through the wilderness gathering fruits & berries, and handcrafting bespoke glass jars…..or at least that's what it has felt like.

Coming off the back of a pretty lacklustre few years of making lacklustre choices, I took a leap of faith, and landed in a prickly bush, rolled down a steep snowy mountain, fell off a cliff, and flew head first into a cabin that I later turned into my new workspace and kitchen where Spread ‘Em was born. 

A while ago, someone special to me bought a kumquat tree - and I made some marmalade. It was the first time I had made anything from scratch... and I realised this was something I liked doing. Maybe even enough to share it with others, and the idea of sharing it with others gave me some direction that I had been lacking.

Getting back on track can be difficult, but when you realise that you have something to offer the world and that people are excited for you, that track suddenly goes from a winding, snowy mountain road, to gliding down a country freeway.

Thank you for your support.

Regardless whether you decide to purchase or not, if you took the time to read this I very much appreciate it  

And thank you to my friends, who have put up with me being annoying - but also helped me make this idea a reality. 

Tye x